Dev8D 2010 – Arduino Workshops

I had a wonderful time at Dev8D. It was a great event, and I feel privileged to have been able to contribute. Many thanks to Dave Flanders for the invitation, his enthusiasm, and encouragement, and Mahendra Mahey for making it work so well.

I ran three workshops introducing Arduino and basic electronics, and two intermediate, follow on Arduino workshops. To keep costs down, we had 12 complete kits, and asked folks to work in pairs. There were a mix of skills and expertise, and the folks supported each other so well that two of use were able to provide success to 24 people. I should add a special thanks to Dave Chalis*. He was incredibly helpful. Without him, day one one have been less smooth, and much less fun.

Folks gave lots of useful feedback and encouragement. So I hope to do even better in the future.

*Dave I apologise if I have misspelled this, please someone correct me.

2 Responses to “Dev8D 2010 – Arduino Workshops”

  1. zedzdead Says:

    Garry, hi. I attended your workshops at dev8d. I also attended your lightning talk about trying to develop workshops for children using university outreach programs and through secondary schools.

    The request caught me on the hop a little, but after a little more consideration I’d like to try and help if I can.

    My son attends Rainford High School and enjoyed making an electronic jitter bug during his first term. He is also a member of the 1st Knowsley Scouts and one of the scouting badges is electronics:,135,156&moduleID=10.

    I’m unfamiliar with the Edge hill University’s outreach program, but I can try to find out some details if you need me to.

    Let me know what you need me to do next.

    Thanks for the workshops, I enjoyed every minute.

    • ourduino Says:

      zedzdead – Sorry for my slow response, I’ve been obsessing about other stuff !-)

      A few things have moved forward, and I may be able to make something even more fun!

      I’ll email you directly.

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