Making without Tools or Technology

I was listening to one of my favourite internet radio programs, All A Capella at I used to listen ‘live’ on the radio when I lived in MA.

It struck me how striped down some kinds of Making can be; talent, voices and collaboration. It’s like ‘glitching’ every instrument and studio technique to a single ‘sound technology’; only the essence remains. The ultimate ‘Unplugged’.

I very much like ‘Kiss from a Rose’, they can sing.

My digging around got started because I heard a superb rendition of Gangsta’s Paradise.

This is a pretty cool piece of A Capella, with video, but I think ‘All A Capella’ played a different version tonight, which sounded better to my ears. It was by University of Pennsylvania Off the Beat.

Many of the performances ‘All A Capella’ feature are college groups. It is great to hear talent, enthusiasm, discipline, ingenuity and ‘cojones’, whatever the sex, are flourishing.

We don’t need computers, Arduinos, blinky-LEDs, reprap, soldering irons, glue-guns, or even duct-tape to make amazing things.

Let’s Make a Difference!

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